Cake #3 – Bunny Rabbit

rabbit 8

Cake number 3!! I know what you’re thinking. You haven’t seen cake number 2 yet. Confession time… I made cake number 2. It was horrible. Not only did it look horrible, it tasted horrible too. Reeeeeaaly horrible. So horrible I didn’t even feed it to my work mates. But that’s a story for another day!! (and another blog post. No really, I promise it will come, I’m just not ready yet).

So on to the bunny cake. We had a family event on Sunday, which seemed like the perfect occasion to make one of the book’s bigger cakes (this one uses two cake batter batches across three tins). I baked the cakes on Saturday arvo and decorated on Sunday morning, which was possibly a mistake – it left me feeling pretty rushed, and I didn’t enjoy the process enough.

rabbit 1

I don’t think I’d realised how much I was looking forward to making this cake until I was elbow deep in coconut!!! I loved cutting the ears and paws out, and when I put it together pre-icing I was chuffed at how cute it was.

Something went slightly wrong with my icing and it seemed to curdle a little bit (my butter was possibly too hard) but ultimately it didn’t matter, because i was coating it in coconut!! That coconut rocks. It made the whole thing look good (much better than it looks in the pictures, actually) and it tasted great. Or should I say it tastes great – this is a big cake, we’re still eating it!!

For the thin licorice bits I used some fruit straps I bought for the clock cake – I still haven’t been able to source licorice straps, although I’m told by my sources (my mum’s friends) that they definitely exist, so I’m clinging to that hope.

P.S- I realised as I was writing this that I completely failed to do the poor bunny’s toes and fingers!! Oops!

Decorations: IGA Warrandyte (which still doesn’t stock licorice straps)
Ease of decorations: 8 (hot tip: pop the ears and paws on a fork to coat in icing then roll in the coconut)
Make again for a birthday? 100% yes!! Next time I’d make three batches of cake batter to give some more height, ensure I cut down the cakes to make them flat, and give myself more time to put it together carefully. but it’s a super cute cake, and it was a big hit with the fam 🙂

rabbit 7


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