Cake #1 -Hickory Dickory Watch

clock cake 1Ta da! Cake number 1: the Hickory Dickory Watch (not to be confused with the Hickory Dickory Clock, which will come later). This is the first cake in the book, and while I don’t intend on working through the book from start to finish, it did seem like a good place to start. Mostly because it required a 9 inch cake tin, which I had easy access to (a lot of my cake making gear is currently in storage).

I’d just finished slapping (literally) the sprinkles onto the side of the cake when mum walked by and said “oh, I used to just ice the sides and roll the cake in sprinkles, then ice thee top”. Thanks mum! Maybe I’ll have to come back to this cake one day and try that again!

clock cake 4.jpg

I decided to go with green clock hands for this one, just because the liquorice numerals already took up so much room on the cake. A lot of recipes in this book rely on old-school flat, rolled up liquorice which thus far I haven’t been able to find. It’s going to make some of these cakes pretty interesting, but I’m sure I’ll find it at some stage and bulk buy! I also skipped the lollies that make up the ‘winder’ of the watch, purely because it would mean buying an entire bag of lollies only to use one.

clock cake 2clock cake 3

I think I’ll do a bit of a comparison on each cake, rating and reflecting with the same categories. So here goes!

Decorations from: Coles Tunstall Square (no good!) and IGA Warrandyte (much better)
Ease of decorations: 7 (1 being VERY hard, 10 being breezy easy)
Make again for a birthday? Probably not. Those jubes are just so… jubey. I know just about every cake in this book is COVERED in sugar, but the jubes just push this one over the edge.


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